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Chase The Potato


"the website that they built was amazing the website was nice looking cool mechanics. I would give this a 5 Stars if you need a website to here NOW!" -Chase The Potato

Chase The Potato is a small gaming youtuber. I built this site for him so that he could have an extra touch point with his audience, as well as establish himself as a more professional looking profile.

Giving this website a more gamer like aesthetic was important to me as it is a core part of Chase The Potatoes brand. To do this I made the opening of his site the picture he uses for his Youtube as well as his name to create a feel reminiscent of discord. Additionally I kept the colors mostly to black white and gray similar to platforms like steam and epic games

Overall I think it is a nifty little single page application that does a good job of showing off his brand.

Chase the Potato's website